About Us...


A team of dedicated internet marketing experts and creative design geniuses based out of  thinking and we deliver best in compare to others


Build excellent brands, create successful web designs and put into practice online marketing campaign that delivers results.


All big businesses and production units. From small start-ups to large Organization.


Through modern ideas, proven system and a genuine passion for the business.

IVY Technology LTD., the leading website design & development company is offering internet marketing & development services to small & medium enterprises from last eight years.

We at IVY Technology LTD. offer affordable website design & application development services to our users so that they do not have to worry about the back-end of their applications & websites and can focus on their businesses without worry.

Being in the business for the last decade has taught us that clients need Quick Service, Best Customer Support & Revisions. If one can provide them those, they will keep coming back – and this is our motto as well.

We try to bridge the gap between the customers & salesperson by providing exceptional services at amazingly low rates. And we do that by interacting with them and providing them with quality service. We try & deliver cost-effective & reliable solutions for -eCommerce stores, media agencies, advertising companies & even the industrial sector


Contrary to several web service providers who are strict, firm, and unhelpful and believe in immediate gain, making their clients in the dark, we are different. IVY Technology LTD. Web Design & Development do the right thing first time and every time. We deliver with outstanding professionalism, reliability, full return on investment accountability.

IVY Technology LTD. Web Design & Development offer a complete selection of web technology related services. Our products and services involve website design, application development, and website promotion, web hosting, multimedia, data processing and consultancy offering our clients with cutting-edge technological innovation and empowering them to remain competitive in the revolutionary e-Business arena.

At IVY Technology LTD. Web Design & Development, we have been enthusiastic towards achieving high levels of client satisfaction by ensuring quality, reasonable and timely solutions. It would be our endeavor to complete this with technical, economic, business and moral superiority.

Our presence is global. This brings more exposure and skill to our team.

Only competent team can deliver. Our teams are loyal to our clients’ projects and their growth.

It is our experience that we have excellent and successful track record

We work with your budget, making cost successful.